ADAM NI 倪凌超 - China analyst



Adam Ni is a China watcher with extensive experience advising governments, corporations, think tanks, and the media on China-related issues. His expertise includes China's foreign policy, political economy, and security issues. His current research focus on China's military reform and modernisation, military strategy and party-military relations. He edits China Story, a blog on China issues, and co-writes its China Neican, a weekly brief on China-related current affairs. He is a board director of China Policy Centre, based in Canberra, Australia. Previously, he worked as a policy advisor for the Australian Government, and a China consultant. His writings on China have appeared in a wide range of academic, policy, and popular publications, including the Australian Journal of International Affairs, Security Challenges, China Brief, The Diplomat, and The strategists. He is also a frequent commentator on China for the international media, including the New York Times, Reuters, Bloomberg, Financial Times, CNN, ABC News, and the South China Morning Post.